OBI Spinecard Paper Belt

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OBI Spinecard Paper Belt

The obi is the strip of paper that wraps around or folds over the left side of some Japanese releases. They can have information on them, such as release date, price, etc., which might be helpful if you read Japanese

The term “OBI” itself, is a Japanese word, written as 帯. It means, literally, “belt”. It was originally used to describe the belt that holds together a kimono or yukata (traditional Japanese attire).

Known also as a ‘spinecard’ to video game enthusiasts, but commonly referred to as an OBI (or OBI strip) by CD and vinyl collectors, the OBI has for over 30 years been one of the most recognizable unique features of CDs, records, DVDs, video games, and similar products manufactured and/or sold in Japan. It is essentially a small piece of paper that sits (in most cases) on the left side of the jewel case of a CD, book, video game, or DVD, wraps around the case on the outside, and displays extensive information about the product.

In the infancy days of CDs, and Video Games, the OBI strip contained very basic information about the product. However, over the years, the obi strip has become an integral part of Japanese packaging. It contains extensive information about the product, including (but not limited to), it’s original release date, official price, details about the artist, their history, and much more. Naturally, most of the information presented is in Japanese, as it is intended for the Japanese clientele.









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